Get Dad The Perfect Golfin’ Gift This Father’s Day!


What is your favorite golfin’ memory of your Dad?

I can remember being just a wee pup, my Dad (No, this caveman’s notfathersday an immaculate conception. Shocking, I know!) gave me my first golf club. Sure it was just a bent stick, probably comparable to one of those big red plastic golf clubs kids get now-a-days, and sure I went around smacking rocks, bugs and just about everything I found in the cave. But I loved it.

A few years later, when I had calmed down just a stint. He gave me my first real metal driver. I was still barely taller than this medal rod, but I will always remember the days we spent together as he taught me how to properly swing this golf ball killing machine. That is why Sunday golf with my Dad has been and always will be my favorite memories of him.

Father’s Day is coming up quick – don’t know what you’re going to give him yet? Just follow the Caveman’s advice to pick out the perfect present!


  • Set Your Budget. By knowing how much you want to spend, you can eliminate a lot of items and categories right off the bat and avoid buyer’s remorse on an expensive, unplanned splurge.
  • Know Your Target. How well do you know the recipient, and what do you know about them? By tailoring your gift to their personality or playing style, for example, you’ll show you’ve been paying attention and considered the individual and didn’t just grab the first thing you saw.
  • Avoid “Too Personal.” Some golf clubs and equipment, especially drivers and putters, are pretty personal items – it can be hard to pick one out for yourself, let alone another person! Unless you have a strong sense of what they want, you may be better off avoiding clubs or golf bags as gifts.
  • When In Doubt. If you really aren’t sure what to get, play it safe & go with a Gift Card. They’ll appreciate the gesture and will enjoy getting to do some shopping of their own!

Here are a few gift ideas from Scratch:

I’ve combed through every corner of the Cave and I think I’ve found the best gear for any golf lovin’ Dad. Check out my Great Gift Ideas for Dad! You’ll find clubs, balls, apparel, and anything else he could want at my “rock bottom” prices!

Does Dad need a new boomstick? Grab him a new Driver For 20% OFF!

Get Dad some new threads! Score polos, jackets, pants, shorts, and more plus save yourself some scratch! Shop My 25% OFF Apparel Deals For Dad!

If you don’t know what kind of clubs he likes to play, you can always check out our training aids section. While some golfers may take offense, just let your dad know that every golfer can always improve and its not because you think he is terrible!

How about a Sunday Round? Rock Bottom Golf offers Discount Tee Times at numerous locations throughout the country! Snag one up and spend fathers day out on the green!

And if all else fails, you could always get him a Gift Card to the Cave!

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