How to Infuse Your Holiday With Your Love of Golf

When you’re a true golfer at heart, it is something that is celebrated year round, not just on those beautiful spring weekends out on the course. The holidays are a great time to incorporate your love of the game into things that you do. Holiday party for work? Bring some golf balls for the White Elephant gift. Family Christmas Party this weekend? A perfect time to start planning your getaway golf vacation with your brother-in-law.

It wasn’t too long ago that my family decided to draw names for each family member and make Christmas gifts for one another using the spare golf balls. The results were beyond creative. A cabinet with golf balls for handles. A life-size game of Chinese checkers with colored golf balls instead of marbles. It was pretty cool.

So how can you infuse your love of golf into the holidays? There are great examples of Christmas-Golf Traditions everywhere.

First, let’s start with the decorating. Sure, this may seem like a silly task, but what better way to infuse your golfing passion than to make a cute little decoration on your tree. Last thing, I promise. This table decoration is both Christmas-y and will be the talk of the party. Okay, fine. Send these ideas to your wife.

One awesome tradition that I can totally get behind is the idea of an Annual Golf Cart Holiday Parade. There are several places that go all out in regards to decorating and parading their embellished golf carts down the street. Captiva Holiday Village in Captiva, Florida hosts one of the most spectacular parades in early December to kick off the holiday season. The resort decorates from top to bottom in holiday lights and holds holiday-themed events each weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Santa Claus makes an appearance in each year’s holiday golf cart parade, too.

Disney’s Fort Wildnerness throws a golf cart parade around Christmas. Characters like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse come out for the parade, complete with Christmas Trees, fake snow, and lights on each of the golf carts.

Besides dressing your golf cart up for the holidays, how about starting the tradition of playing a round dressed up as the big man, himself? Santa Claus costumes may be hard to find this time of year, but if you’re one of the lucky ones, get into the holiday spirit by going out to the golf course dressed up as Jolly Old Saint Nick.

Bubba Watson got into the spirit by doing just that… if you haven’t seen BubbaClaus yet, you’re missing out. Just in time for the holidays, BubbaClaus dropped his first single this week. Perhaps this is the start of a new holiday tradition for Bubba, and for us.

But of course, the holiday season is about much more than Santa Claus, golf cart parades and decorating your Christmas Tree. It is about giving back, and each year golfers and country clubs partner up to throw holiday tournaments for their chosen charities. What a way to give back, simply going out and enjoying a round of golf.

So now matter how you choose to incorporate your love of golf into your holiday plans this year, we hope you have a wonderful holiday. From my caveman family to yours, Happy, Happy Holidays!

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