Basic Gear That Every Runner Needs!


Thinking of taking up runnin’? Well, good for you! It’s one of the best ways to stay fit and you don’t even need a gym membership for it! This Caveman would recommend you get a couple of things first to help you achieve your runnin’ goals. And luckily, you can find all this gear at the Cave for “rock bottom” prices!



Running ShoesRunning Shoes
Good shoes are essential for anyone who wants to start running. This doesn’t mean those beat up old trainers in the back of your closet. Make sure you get quality new running shoes, not cross trainers or walking shoes either. You need fresh, well cushioned shoes that fit well and match your foot type and gait. Running shoes are designed, after all, for running, and as a beginning runner your legs and feet need all the protection they can get. Consider them an investment; good shoes are the best way to protect against injury.



Sports Bra


Sports Bra
For the ladies, of course. All my female Rock heads would agree that a good fitting sports bra is needed for any exercise. Try to get one made of moisture wicking fabric to keep you cooler and drier.




Running Socks


Running Socks
When you run, your feet have a tendency to get, well, sweaty. Without proper socks, this can easily cause blisters. Running socks are moisture wicking to avoid this. You’ll also want the extra cushioning that running socks provide.




Running Sunglasses


The sun can be irritating and damaging on even the cloudiest of days. A pair of sports sunglasses will become your best friend. Look for polarized shades that are designed not to slip during exercise.



Running Watch



Fitness Tracker Or Sports Watch
If you’re serious about running, you’ll want to track your progress. A good fitness tracker will record your laps, splits, and pace. Some even have GPS and heart rate monitors for extra info!



Now get out there Rock Heads, and start running!

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