The Caveman's Guide To Chip Shots

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Up-and-coming golfers dream of makin’ long shots down the green, not chip shots. But chip shots are just as important, if not more so. An effective chip shot can lower your score and even make the difference between a win and a loss. Chip shots are so simple even this Caveman can do it, but I see many other golfers approachin’ them nervously and lose the control need for this shot. Being the helpful Neanderthal I am, I’ve put together this helpful how to list that’ll have you hittin’ with confidence in no time!

1. The Club – Pick your club based on how far away your ball is from the hole. Use a lob wedge, sand wedge, gap wedge, or pitching wedge if your ball is close to the hole. The loft of the wedges will spin the ball more and make it roll less. The lob wedge has the most loft and will produce the most spin of any wedge. The sand wedge has more loft than the gap wedge, and the gap wedge has more loft than the pitching wedge. If your ball is farther from the hole, use a 7-,8-, or 9-iron. These have a lower loft and will allow the ball to roll more when it hits the green. The 7-iron will give the most roll.

2. The Stance – Take a narrow stance with your feet six to eight inches apart. Open your stance so your feet, shoulders, and hips are slightly open to the target. Place most of your weight on your front foot for a descending strike. Position the ball back in your stance and keep your hands slightly ahead of the ball. Relax your arms and grip down on the club for more control.

3. The Swing – A chip shot is normally a short backswing controlled by the arms. If you need a longer shot, you’ll need a bigger backswing. Allow your wrist to hinge the backswing and try not to swing higher than your waist. Use your hands, arms, and shoulders to sweep the club back. Try to limit the movement of your lower body and keep your weight on your forward foot. Swing forward and strike down on the ball. Keep your wrists firm and slightly cocked as you impact the ball to make solid contact and stop your hands form flipping. You should make a very small divot after striking the ball. Follow through the same distance as you swung the club back. The ball should have a low trajectory and roll towards the hole when it hits the green. This should be a smooth stroke with a short follow-through. Remember to keep your head and wrists still and your hands ahead of the ball.


  • Always accelerate through a chip shot; deceleration causes inconsistent contact or causes the club to get stuck in the grass keeping the ball with it.
  • Keep your club’s grooves clean to ensure proper spin.
  • The club’s loft is responsible for lifting the ball into the air not you.
  • Try this shot with your different wedges and irons to determine how far the ball will go with each.


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  • July 14, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    I have been playing golf for over fifty years and it is still very good to review the fundamentals , you have done a great job with that. Keep up the great deals on your site as I enjoy that too. Pat Loughran


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