Scratch's Must Have Golf Apps!

Many of you Rockheads will be travelin’ for the holidays. So Scratch has made a list of apps for your iPhone or Android phone to keep you in the golf loop or help yer game. Let me preface this by saying that there are hundreds of apps for the iPhone and Android markets, but most leave a bit to be desired.

Golf GPS


This app includes a free golf GPS/statistics tracker and is backed by a large community, the website stores your performance statistics and offers a social forum to leave comments, compare scores and compete with golfers around the world. You can also upgrade for a more detailed gps/yardage calculator.

Golfshot GPS

Probably one of the best gps enabled golf apps on the market. Similar to Golf Logix, this app shows you exact yardage and targets for over 22k courses worldwide, and helps you track your stats. The downside is that it runs in at $29.99, but if you are willing to pay the one time fee, its worth it.

Golf Training

Golf Genie

Kind of like the Game Genie of the old school NES generation, these apps are iTunes most popular golf instruction apps with over 40k downloads in 2010. Filled with tips, tricks and hints as well as practice drills in order to help you step up your game! And once again is backed by a great online community to further aid in your fairway domination.

Golf Genie

My Golf Swing

The goal is simple, to help aid you in developing a consistent swing tempo by helping you model it after any of a number of great pros including Tiger, Vijay and Sergio.

Golf Info


Sitting at $9.99, its like a full rule picture book. If you have questions for just about any rule you could think of in any situation you might find yourself in, you can be sure to find your answers here.

PGA Tour

Keep yourself up to date with live scoring from PGA, Nationwide & Champions tour. You can also gain instant access to golfer bios, videos and schedules. Perfect for any die hard golf fan who wants to constantly be in the know!

PGA Tour App


What’s your favorite golf app? If you have any that I may have missed let me know!


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One thought on “Scratch's Must Have Golf Apps!

  • December 7, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    On Google Play for Androids, there is a cool ‘Golf Scorecard Touch’ app and a ‘Golf Links’ one as well. The developer is Sports Radio Apps I believe. I love the site and look forward to many more great golf deals, thanks again.


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