Pick The Right Sunglasses For Your Sport

Lots of sport shades

Looking to get new sport shades? There are a couple of things to consider when picking out your new sporty sunglasses!

1. Pick the right color

Colored lens aren’t just for looks. Different colors are meant to provide different advantages.

Gray or green lenses – These help your eyes see true color. Green also increases contrast in bright lighting. Both these colors are a good choice for runners, cyclists, and golfers.

Brown or amber lenses – These work best on cloudy or hazy days. Both colors enhance contrast and add brightness to your vision. Brown is also good for sports such as boating, fishing, and skiing where there’s lots of glare. Amber lenses reduce eye strain but distort colors. Amber is a good choice for pilots, hunters, skiers, and others engaged in all-day outdoor sports.

Yellow lenses- These are most effective in low lighting, as they increase contrast and depth perception. Yellow is a good choice on partly cloudy days, when the sun isn’t strong but the day is still bright. Yellow lenses are also a good choice for skiing.

Red lenses – Use these when you need optimal contrast between objects and green or blue backgrounds. Red lenses are useful when sailing, boating, hiking, and hunting.

2. If you’re in a situation where there’s lots of glare, try mirrored lenses.

3. Pick up a pair of polarized lenses. Polarization allows the lenses to absorb light from all angles, so they are optimal for blocking glare. Polarized lenses come in all colors.

4. For maximum UV protection, get a pair of wraparound-style shades. These also provide max protection from small objects like rocks and bugs. As wraparound sunglasses provide UV protection from all angles, they’re popular with cyclists, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

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