The First Two Rope-It Golf Ball on a Bungee Giveaway Winners Are…

Congrats to our first two winners of our Rope-It Golf Golf Ball on a Bungee Giveaway!

Congratulations to Robin Morales for being the first winner of the Rope It Golf giveaway contest! Robin entered to win a Rope-It is because “My daughter wants to practice more, and we can’t go to the range as frequently as she wants. She is in her high school team, and wants to play LPGA in the future. She really wants this!!!!!” Well done Robin and good luck to your daughter!

Congratulations to Chris Hunt for being the week two winner of the Rope-It Golf giveaway contest.  Chris entered to win because, “I am the only guy in a house of women. I need something to do when I’m not on the links!!!!!”  Now Chris can practice his game without leaving his own backyard! Well done, Chris!

Each won their own Rope-It to turn their backyard into a practice range! Haven’t entered yet?! Well, you still have a chance to win. Check out My Golf Giveaway Post for details on how to enter!

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