Burn 100 Calories In 10 Minutes!

10 Minute Timer

Don’t have a lot of time to exercise? It’s ok, you only need ten minutes to burn 100 calories. Find ten minutes in your day and try one of these exercises!


Shadow boxing. Hop onto your toes and keep moving, pretending to punch a surly store clerk as your move side to side and throwing punches in rapid combinations. Boxing tones your abs, legs and arms and burns 107 calories in 10 minutes.

Jumping rope. You can burn 98 calories in 10 minutes by jumping rope. If you’re an expert and can move rapidly, you can burn a whopping 142! If you don’t actually have a jump rope handy you can pretend. The idea is to catch some air under your sneakers and rapidly jump up and down. Try doing it right before you go in for your morning shower. You’ll be totally energized and ready to charge happily into your day.

Run a mile. Need to get away? Lace up your sneaks and go for a mile-long run; running at a six-miles-per-hour pace burns 98 calories.

Ride a bike: Go for a brisk bike ride; cycling at a pace of about 14 per hour will burn 100 calories in 10 minutes.
Run up stairs. This is perfect for a lunchtime workout in your office building. Please make sure you’re doing it in flats, not heels or dress shoes, and preferably in sneakers so your feet don’t take a beating.

Jumping jacks
Believe it or not, doing 10 minutes of jumping jacks burns 100 calories. The trick is actually doing it for 10 minutes! Jumping jacks are hard, so if you need to take a quick break after five minutes before finishing your full 10 minutes, do it. And if you’re working out outside, don’t forget to stay hydrated. These are going to make you sweat!


10 Minute Cardio Workout

If you want to change it up a bit, try this 10 minute cardio workout. Make sure to stay hydrated!

  • 1 minute – Brisk walk or march in place
  • 1 minute – Light jog in place or outside
  • 1 minute – Jumping jacks
  • 30 seconds – Long jumps – jump forward, landing with both feet, turn around and jump back
  • 30 seconds – Jog in place
  • 30 seconds – Long jumps
  • 30 seconds – March in place
  • 30 seconds – Burpees
  • 30 seconds – Mountain climbers
  • 30 seconds – March in place
  • 30 seconds – Burpees
  • 30 seconds – March in place
  • 30 seconds – Jog in place
  • 1 minute burn: Squat jumps
  • 1 minute – Slow march in place to cool down

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