Awesomely Profane Rant By Christian College’s Golf Coach

I have the great pleasure of bringing you what might be my favorite golf video of the year. It’s a fabulously, foul rant from the head golf coach of Huntingdon College. Just something to remember, Huntingdon College’s motto is “Faith, Wisdom, Service”; keep that in mind for the rest of the article.

So, the back story: Last month, the D-III Hawks of Huntingdon College, a Methodist school in Montgomery, Ala., traveled to Ohio to compete in the 12-team Gordin Classic. It did not go well; they finished 11th. Head coach, Matt Mahanic, mistakenly believed the team finished last. Mahanic waited until the team was back on the bus to let loose a rant of epic proportion. Now this apparently wasn’t his first rant, but it was the first that was recorded. Eventually, it made its way to Deadspin. It’s embedded below, but be careful, if you’re at work, you’ll want to wear headphones. Cuz it’s definitely NSFW.

Now, we all know that coach will yell at players, but there’s a line between motivating and harassing. I’m of the opinion that he went too far. Huntingdon College apparently agrees too. One day after the rant went up on Deadspin, Huntingdon College issued a statement that Mahanic had been fired effective immediately.

What do you think Rockheads? Did Mahanic go too far? Why or why not? Let me know below!

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