Five Simple Ways to Make Your Memorial Day Cookout Healthier!

Memorial Day CookoutIf yer anything like this here caveman, Memorial day ain’t nothin’ to remember unless you’re grillin’ a big ol’ hunk-a mammoth steak. I guess you folks use cow these days, but ya get the point – a holiday just ain’t a holiday unless yer cookin’ out on the grill.

But how exactly do you cook out without stretchin’ out those summer shorts? As much as I love to sink my teeth into a juicy slab o’meat, fact is that bathin’ suit season is just around the corner. So how do you indulge in a few Memorial Day morsels without going overboard? Never fear, Scratch is here with the patented caveman guide to savin’ calories this holiday weekend.

Step 1: Select Leaner Meats

This one don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. If yer worried about gettin’ fat, you can start by eatin’ less of it. If you can’t survive without grillin’ a burger this weekend, check the fat content of the meat before you buy it. Opt for a leaner fat content to save calories.

Step 2: Eat more chicken

The folks over at Chick-fil-a may have a point – when it comes to savin’ calories, eat more chicken. If ya can stomach it, swap out fatty red meats for lean chicken breasts. Your stomach (and your wallet) will thank you later.

Step 3: Swap out the Snacks

What were you plannin’ on servin’ snack-wise this weekend? Chips? Maybe some Cheetos? Yeah… if yer snack food has an expiration date that’s longer than I’ve been around, it’s probably not the healthiest option. Instead, why not serve some fresh watermelon or a fruit salad? Nothin’ says summertime like spittin’ out a few watermelon seeds (and maybe trickin’ a few cavekids into thinkin’ that watermelons can grow in yer stomach). Can’t can the chip idea? Instead of servin’ fat-rich dips like sour cream and onion, make a homemade salsa or some guacamole!

Step 4: Eat your veggies

Sneak some more veggies onto your weekend menu by makin’ grilled vegetable kabobs! You really can’t get much healthier than that. Plus, any vegetarians that you invite to your weekend plans’ll be very grateful.

Step 5: Get drunk, not fat

When it comes to the holidays, sometimes it just ain’t a celebration without a cold one in hand. Before you start chuggin’ down the brews, remember that alcohol has calories too. Take a minute to consult this handy dandy list before you crack open a cold one. Knowing how many calories you’re drinking may help you decide whether or not that fourth cocktail is really worth it to your waistline.

Got any of yer own tips to share with the rest of the cave? Leave yer suggestions in the comment section!

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