The Gift Guide for Golfin’ Mothers

Hey there, Rockheads! If you’re anything like this here caveman, sometimes ya need a few hints when it comes to buyin’ gifts for the fairer sex – especially when it comes to Mother’s Day. Even if I’m lucky enough to remember when Mother’s Day is (hint: it’s Sunday, May 13) I’m never quite sure what would make a good gift. Heck, I am a caveman after all, and gift givin’ ain’t so easy even a caveman can do it. So here’s your handy-dandy Rockhead-proof guide to gift givin’ for the golfin’ mom in your life!

    • 1) New Clubs
    • Any golfin’ gal is sure to appreciate a new club, especially if her old sticks are startin’ to feel a little worn and need to be replaced. While we at Rock Bottom may have been a little light in the ladies club department in the past, I’m happy to say that good ol’ Scratch has dragged a few new clubs back to The Cave for you lucky ladies out there. If you’re lookin’ for more distance, we just got the new

Cobra Golf Ladies Amp Offset Driver

    • – a powerful boom stick that’s sure to give you an edge on the course. If you’re in the market for a new set of irons, we just got the

Cobra Golf Ladies S3 Hybrid Combo

    • – an advanced set of clubs that creates a larger Sweet Zone for increased distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. Our full set of ladies clubs can be viewed


    • .

2) New Golf Balls

Any golfin’ gal could always use a few extra golf balls. The new Ladies Burner golf balls from Taylor Made are sure to please any lady lookin’ to gain a little extra distance out on the links. Be sure to check out the Wilson Ladies Hope golf ball line while you’re at it. These pretty, pink golf balls are sure to please the lady in your life and better yet, a portion of each sale goes towards the fight against breast cancer!

3) New Golfin’ Apparel

Every lady likes lookin’ good out on the course. Why not get you’re gal a new skort or a snazzy windbreaker?

4) A New Golf Bag

What woman wouldn’t appreciate a new golf bag. Bags get tossed around for years. If it’s time for your best lady to upgrade her golf bag, why not do her a favor and get her a great gift at the same time?

5) Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great gift for the woman who likes to be out on the course. Sunglasses can be expensive and it’s not exactly a purchase that a lot of women make for themselves. Buyin’ your best gal a pair of sweet frames to wear out on the course is a great gift idea. Plus, thanks to your pal Scratch here, you can buy your lady a great pair of sunglasses without breakin’ the bank!

So there ya have it – Scratch’s very own guide to survivin’ Mothers Day! Got a great golfin’ gift idea of your own? Leave it in the comment section!

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