Anger Management on the Course

Angry GolferAfter Tiger’s disappointing performance and behavior on the course last weekend, maybe it’s time to take a minute and think about what makes a good game and what makes a bad one. While we all have the occasional off day, the one thing that can truly ruin a game is a bad attitude. Even if Tiger’s score was terrible, there was no reason for the club kickin’ and carryin’ on that he demonstrated at the Masters. Heck, I’m a caveman and even I know better ‘n that! So let’s look at a few tips and tricks to keep your cool while the golf season starts to heat up.

If you’ve ever been out on the course and have felt the urge to throw a club, use excessive profanity, or verbally degrade yerself or yer fellow players, then maybe you need a refresher course on how to be a good sport. At the beginnin’ of spring, we’re all bound to have slightly rusty swings, but that’s no reason to let the occasional slice spoil yer good walk spoiled. Gettin’ angry is a surefire way to make your playin’ worse! Since golf is such a mental game, having a bad mentality can quickly make things turn from bad to worse.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few anger management techniques that you can use out on the course:

  • Technique #1: Accentuate the positive
  • Maybe you bogeyed that last hole, but that’s no reason to get steamin’ mad. Remember that great shot you had on the par-5? And if nothing else, now that you’re more familiar with the course, y’know you won’t be makin’ that same mistake the next time.

  • Technique #2: Put Your Anger on Hold
  • There’s a time and a place for everything including anger. If you find yourself boilin’ with frustration just remember that timing is crucial – Tiger’s meltdown proved that. Gettin’ angry on the course ain’t gonna do you any good. You’ll ruin the day not just for yourself but for your partners too. Tell yourself that it’s okay to be disappointed with your score, but it isn’t okay to make a spectacle of yourself.

  • Technique #3: Don’t look back, move forward
  • Yelling about how you screwed up that last hole ain’t gonna improve your score on it. The important thing to remember about golf – once the putt is sunk, it’s over. There’s nothin’ to do but move on to the next hole and hope for the best. Don’t continue to beat yerself up for your performance on the 4th hole if you’ve moved on to the 9th. A negative attitude that sticks with ya is only going to poison the rest of your day (and your score).

    So there ya have it, the caveman’s guide to keepin’ yer cool out on the course. If only Tiger had read a few of these tips last weekend! Besides, if ya lose a few balls this spring in the woods or water hazards, Rock Bottom’s gotcha covered thanks to our golf ball sale!

    Got your own method for stayin’ positive out on the links? Leave your suggestions in the comment section!

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