Scratch’s Guide to Alternative Exercises: Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing WorkoutHey there, Rockheads. If you’re anything like me, the monotony of daily jogging doesn’t really appeal to you. Sometimes, you need to kick your exercise routine up a notch by throwing in something new and exciting. Besides, the more exciting your fitness regimen is, the more likely you are to enjoy it and stick with it. With this in mind, your favorite caveman is here to show you some exercise opportunities that you may not have considered before. To start things off with a bang, let’s take a look at one of the newest exercise crazes – pole dancing.

For those of you who may scoff at the idea of pole dancing as a legitimate exercise, I have two things. Number one: this video (I mean seriously because wow). Number two: have you ever seen an out of shape stripper? Well neither have I.

So how exactly does pole dancing serve as exercise? Pole dancing requires you to use your entire body and use it as resistance. This allows you to tone all over and strengthen your core. That being said, pole dancing is something that you definitely need to attend classes in order to accomplish. Just heading to Home Depot and installing some PVC Pipe in your living room isn’t going to be a good or safe idea. A typical exercise regimen in a pole-dancing class would consist of strength training, dance-based moves, squats, push-ups, and sit-ups before moving on to the pole. Suspending your body off of a pole demands a lot of strength and endurance. Gradually, you’ll work your way to climbs and inversions.

Pole dancing fitness routines provide women with more than just amazing arms and toned cores. Pole dancing is generally reported by its schools and its students to be very empowering for women. It takes a lot of confidence to shake and shimmy on a pole – confidence that a lot of women lack. By taking a pole dancing class, not only are you taking charge of your fitness routine, but you’re also declaring your right to be feminine and sexy.

There are a number of schools dedicated to teaching students the finer points of pole dancing as exercise. The best part? Beginners are always welcome! Add a dash of sex appeal to your fitness routine and try something new with pole dancing!

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One thought on “Scratch’s Guide to Alternative Exercises: Pole Dancing

  • March 30, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    Love the article and totally in agreeance. I’ve been taking pole dance lessons for over a year and continue to learn and love the exercises. I still attend the gym and run on a regular basis, however, pole dancing allows me to use and tone the muscles that I may not get to in the gym. In the gym you focus on a muscle group, whereas, pole dancing, as mentioned above, allows you to tone all over while developing strength and endurance.


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