What to Watch For At A Golf Course Near You In 2012!

According to Golf Digest, there are 12 very important things that golfers need to keep in mind for 2012. While there are a number of awesome things anticipated, according to the list (including a speculation that Tiger Woods might walk away with the Masters), let’s take a look at some of the projected changes that will change your experiences on the course this year.

    • Green Fees Will continue to go down! This is great news for any golfer whose New Years Resolutions included a promise to save more money. With the country’s economy still struggling, green fees will decline, allowing you Rock Heads to keep playing the sport you love and keep a few extra bucks in your wallets. Not only that, but luxury golf courses are predicted to further lower their prices to compete with bargain courses! Not only can you folks keep swingin’ them clubs, but you can tee off at courses that may have been out of your price range just a few years ago!
    • Non-Traditional golf shoes will become the norm! As Golf Digest Fashion Editor Marty Hackel puts it, “I think the big trend will be alternative golf shoes like the Ecco ones made popular by Freddy Couples.” While Ecco and Couples certainly got the golf shoe fad started, other brands like Adidas and FootJoy have followed suit. 2012 promises to be an exciting year when it comes to expanding footwear possibilities on the course.
  • More short/Par 3 courses will be built! With the changing times come changing wants and needs for golfers. If time means money, time on the course means time away from things like your job. Golfers can’t afford to spend the several hours out on the green that they once could. With this fact in mind, people are looking to play quicker rounds. The result: nine-hole, 12-hole, and par-3 courses are becoming more prevalent. This is great news for golfers who couldn’t find the time for 18 holes back in 2011.

Interested in the other 9 important things to look out for in 2012? You can view the full list at GolfDigest.com! Happy golfin’!

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