Tiger Woods WINS At The Chevron World Challenge!

Last Sunday, Tiger Woods dropped back-to-back birdies, including a 6-foot putt on #18, to win the Chevron World Challenge. Had this happened a few years ago, hardly more than a few headlines would have been needed to chalk up one more win for golf’s best player. But today, after a winless drought stretching back to November 15, 2009, a media tidalwave welcomes Tiger Woods back to the winner’s circle! Tiger Woods - Winner!

But is this really the first big step back to a PGA Tour dominated by Tiger? Remember that this was a win on a course of his choosing, at a tournament he hosts for his foundation, against a field of only 17 other golfers.

Tiger’s new caddie Joe LaCava readily admits all that but argues he had to start somewhere, right?

Winning means everything to him, whether it’s an 18-man field or Augusta National. He wants to win and get in the winner’s circle. He knows it’s not 144 guys. He knows it’s not the Masters.

But still, winning is winning and you’re beating 17 other really good players on a tough golf course in tough conditions. It means a lot. It wouldn’t have been the end of the world if he lost and it’s not the end of the world that he won. But it does mean a lot.

Caveman’s Question: How many PGA Tour wins will Tiger Woods have next season? Leave a comment below tellin’ me how YOU think he’ll do in the comin’ months, and make sure you swing by my Facebook page to join the discussion there with over 20,000 other Rock Heads!


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