Can Luke Donald Top Both The European & American Money Lists This Season?

Luke Donald is walking into the FedEx Cup Championship with a 2nd place standing in the rankings. The World ranked #1 has the potential to not only win the FedEx Cup, but also become the first player ever to finish the season topping both the European and American money lists.

Unfortunately, according to him, even this feat won’t fill the void left by his lackluster appearances in the majors.

‘The number one goal at the beginning of this year was to try and compete and be in contention for majors,’ said Donald.

‘In that regards, I suppose it was somewhat disappointing. I had a chance in two of them, which was an improvement on previous years, but two of them weren’t that great. I think that always has to be the focus.’

‘I’m not really thinking about the money. I’m really more concentrating on winning the tournament, picking up another trophy, winning the FedExCup, hopefully winning Player of the Year that comes with it, all the spoils that comes with it. But the bonus money is nice.’

But, this caveman thinks that actually grabbing that $10 million dollar cash bonus, winning Player of the Year in addition to the trophy, could very well put a bounce in Donald’s step.

Do you think Luke Donald can pull it off? If not, who are you routing for?


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