Who is Aaron Baddeley

The name Aaron Baddeley has been relatively unspoken for 2 years, as he came from nearly out of nowhere to capture victory at Northern Trust Open in Los Angeles this weekend.

With the win came a mammoth leap in the rankings, from 224th to 73rd, $1.17 million in prize money, and a bunch of turned heads.

But where did Baddeley Come from? Not necessarily where you think. He plays under the Australian Banner on the PGA Tour, but he has joint citizenship in both the US and Australia. He was born in Lebanon, New Hampshire, but was raised in Australia since his 2nd birthday and became Australia’s youngerest player in the Eisenhower Trophy. He turned professional in 2000. Soon, however, his achievements were overcast by his fellow Australian, Adam Scott.

Baddeley, has had numerous 2nd place finishes on the PGA Tour, but his first win wasn’t until the Verizon Heritage in 2006. He went on to win his second PGA Tourn win in 2007, but has remained under the radar since.

Perhaps this win will allow Baddeley to rise above his ashes, and shine brighter than he had done before.

Here are a few of Aaron Baddeley’s stats:

Current Tours: PGA Tour, European Tour, PGA Tour of Australasia
Professional Wins: 7
PGA Tour: 3
European Tour: 2
PGA Tour of Australasia: 4

This caveman looks forward to watching this Aussie compete this season!


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