Will The Winner Of The Tour Championship Win The FedEx Cup?

Since the FedEx Cup winner is solely based on points, the golfer who wins this weekend’s Tour Championship is not guaranteed the title or the $10 million bonus that goes along with it.FedEx Cup

How does it work?

Golfers accrue points for each event throughout the season. Then there are 4 playoff events, which are given 5x more weight than the rest of the season. Why? I haven’t that quite figured that out. Why not make the Majors worth more? Anyway, I digress. After the 3rd playoff tournament (The BMW Championship) the top 30 golfers on the points list are allowed to advance to the final play off, the Tour Championship.

Here is where it really gets a bit muddled.

For the 15th and lower who qualified for the Tour Championship, the chances of them claiming the Cup Title are low. Even if they win the tournament, they may not have enough points to over throw those who are higher on the list. They have to cross their fingers, hoping that some of the other higher ranked players fail miserably.

Even those ranked between 6 and 15 have to hope that the top five players don’t play particularly well. The only golfers who are pretty much guaranteed the title with a tournament win are the Top five who are currently ranked on the points list:

Matt Kuchar, Dustin Johnson, Charley Hoffman, Steve Stricker and Paul Casey

PGA Tour has put together a pretty excellent list of possible outcomes for each of the participating players, and what has to happen for them to win.

That all being said, who do you think will take the Tour Championship? And will they take the fedex cup?


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