Scratch’s New Golf Trivia Answers and Winners!

Week 3 and 4 of Scratch’s New Golf Trivia has come to an end. Here is a quick refresh of the New rules! Instead of 5 questions a day like it was before, I will only do 1 question per day for a total of 5 questions throughout the week (last week only had 4 because of the holiday). The first person to answer the question correctly will get 3pts, but you can earn a point for every correct answers you post (limit 1 per question).

Here are week 3’s questions and answers:

How many times has the Open Championship been played in Ireland?
Only once

Who has the lowest aggregate score in a British Open? And what is it?
Gregg Norman with 267 Strokes

How often is the Open Championship played at St Andrews?
Once every 5 years

Which female’s portrait hangs in the golf museum at St Andrews?
Mary Queen of Scots

When and Where was the first Open Championship played?
The Old Prestwick Sheep field in 1860

And Last Week’s:

This weekends PGA stop is the RBC Canadian Open, when was it first founded?

The first Canadian Open was played at the first official golf course in North America. Which course was it?
Royal Montreal Golf Club

Which golfer has recorded the most Canadian Open wins?

Leo Diegel with 4 Wins

Arnold Palmer Set the Canadian Open record for lowest score in relation to par at -23. What year did he set it?

When was the last time a Canadian golfer won the Canadian Open?

Congrats to Tim Arnold, who scored the most points in week 3 and Mike Matosziuk for last week on Facebook. And to Docoyer for week 3 and armcchr last week on Twitter. Also Congrats to Tim Arnold for getting the High Score on My Golfin’ Game. in week 3, and to Alex Bradley for getting the High Score last week!


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