Are You Up For Some More Extreme Golf?

Are you a golfer, but also like to think of yourself as an extreme athlete? Well, Robin Seiger has put together a package just for you. The Awesome Eight Golf Challenge pits you against the 8 most extreme courses on the planet.

What could be more extreme than golfin’ amidst a field of land mines you ask? Well try some of these on for size.

The World’s Coldest Golf Course: Located in North Star, Alaska With temperatures consistently well below freezing, and an ever changing frozen landscape makes this course brutal.

The Hottest Golf Course: Alice Springs Golf Club, Australia, also known as one of the top 10 courses in the world, you can bet you will be sweating more than scoring!

The Highest Golf Course: Technically according to the books, Tuctu Peru is the highest, but unfortunately unplayable, so next on the list. La Paz Golf Club in Bolivia!

The Lowest: If you’ve got the highest, you have to go balance it out. Furnace Creek Golf Course in sunny California lays 214 ft below sea level!

Also on the list are the Most Northern, in North Cape, Norway; the Most Southern, in Ushuia Argentina,; The Toughest, Ko’olau in Hawaii; and of course the Oldest; St Andrews in Scotland!

So Rockheads, have you played any of these courses? Do you have any Extreme or Awesome Golf stories of your own? Think you’re up for the Awesome Eight Challenge?


Bonus: In This caveman’s opinion, there aren’t many golfers more extreme than Ken Green. After a year tragic events, and the loss of a limb, he returned to the Champion’s tour and showed that he still has what it takes! Congrats Ken! I wish you luck with your golfin’ future!

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