Golf Trivia: Week 3 Winners, Correct Answers and More!

The third week of Caveman Golf Trivia has come to a close. Thank you all for playing! For those Rock Heads who are scorin’ at home, here are all the questions and their answers:

Who was the last amateur golfer to win a US Open title, and when did he capture it?
Answer: Johnny Goodman, 1933
Facebook: Tim Arnold(1st)
Twitter: Onlinemark(1st)

Who was the first amateur since 1960 to win the Australian Open, and how old was in when he did this?
Answer: Aaron Baddeley, 18
Facebook: Tim Arnold(1st)
Twitter: Onlinemark(1st), golfmachine

Who was the First Amateur to win the US Womens Open?
Answer: Catherine Lacoste of France, In 1967
Facebook: Tim Arnold (1st), Roy C Haines, Michael Novick, Jim Chase, Chris Parkinson

In 1981 The US post office came out with a stamp honoring which male hall of fame golfer?

Answer: Bobby Jones
Facebook: Dennis Toland(1st) Mike Matosziuk, Tim Arnold

If a walker Cup is tied, Which team (US or Great Britain and Ireland) gets the cup?
Answer: The Cup stays with the previous winner for 2 more years
Facebook: Tim Arnold(1st), Chance Chance Proverbs

What golfer won the U.S Amateur in 1974 and, two years later, was the US Open Champion?
Answer: Jerry Pate
Facebook: Tim Arnold(1st)
Twitter: Doug_stanley(1st), park designs

Who was the first Amateur to win the US Open?

Answer: Francis Ouimet, 1913
Facebook: Michael Novick(1st), Tim Arnold, Cathy Almeida
Twitter: Cleveland Golf(1st), Grant W Gates, Parkdesings

What’s the modern name the niblick?
Answer: 9-iron
Facebook: Richard Cristaldi, Adarsh Vakharia, Dave Jenkins, Tim Arnold
Twitter: Cleveland golf OneDoggolf UDRandman

What’s an albatross?
Answer: double-eagle (3 strokes under par)
Facebook: Eric Herzing, Adarsh Vakharia, Mark Verrilli, Richard Vito-Golf Cradle, Reagan Fitzwater, Tim Arnold, Anthony Xanthis
Twitter: Monb4v, matthewhitty, ipv6freely

What’s the modern day name for a mashie?
Answer: 5-iron
Facebook: Adarsh Vakharia

What does the phrase “through the green” mean?

Answer: the entire golf course except the teeing ground, putting green and hazards or out of bounds
Facebook: Tim Arnold (1st), Todd Vincent
Twitter: leroys311 (1st)

What is the modern day name for the Jigger?

Answer: 4-iron
Facebook: Tim Arnold* (PW), Todd Vincent (SW), Adarsh Vakharia (cross between mid-iron & mashie)
Twitter: golferinkilt* (PW), bigtazz53 ( 1st: 4-iron )

Whats a featherie?

Answer: golf ball made from a leather sack fill with wet goose feathers, used until about the 1850’s
Facebook: Nick Lawson (1st), Adarsh Vakharia, Tim Arnold
Twitter: Myaspappa (1st)

What’s a stymie?
Answer: Another ball lying between your ball and the cup, before the allowance of markers, that you would have to put around.
Facebook: Adarsh Vakharia (1st), Tim Arnold, Todd Vincent, Al Day

What’s the difference between MATCH play and MEDAL play?

Answer: Winner at match play is determined by total holes one, medal play is by total strokes.
Facebook: Adarsh Vakharia (1st), Tim Arnold

Where was the first Ryder cup played and when?

Answer: Worcester country club, 1927
Facebook: Adarsh Vakharia (1st), Tim Arnold, Michael Wilson

Which famous seaside golf course was designed by Jack Neville in 1919?
Answer: Pebble Beach
Facebook: Adarsh Vakharia (1st), Tim Arnold, Chance Chance Proverbs, Michael Wilson

Where were the first 12 British Opens held?
Answer: Prestwick Golf Club
Facebook: Tim Arnold (1st) Adarsh Vakharia, Michael Wilson

Which golf club hosted the first US Open, and when?

Answer: Newport (RI) Golf Club, 1895
Facebook: Tim Arnold (1st no date), Adarsh Vakharia (1st with date), Michael Wilson

Name the native country of Vijay Singh.

Answer: Fiji
Facebook: Mark Matosziuk (1st), Adarsh Vakharia, Eric Snyder, Tim Arnold, Andy Meresse, Michael Wilson, Cathy Almeida, Manu gutierrez
Twitter: benbarberhays (1st), jeffryreed, jpalopoli, myaspappa

Which Continent has the least amount of golfers and golf courses?
Answer: Antarctica
Facebook: Hussein Roshdy (1st), Tim Arnold, Adarsh Vakharia
Twitter: Myaspappa, twiggs8353, mrkbrwn,

Which continent has the second least amount of golfers and golf courses?

Answer: South America

Who was the youngest golfer to Win The Masters?
Answer: Tiger Woods
Facebook: Adarsh Vakharia(1st), Mike Matosziuk, Linda Mikoloski Kudzmas, Tim Arnold

Who was the first person to win Back to Back Masters titles?
Answer: Jack Nicklaus
Facebook: Mike Matosziuk (1st), Adarsh Vakharia, Blake Hagwood, Tim Arnold, Linda Mikoloski Kudzmas

Who was the Second?
Answer: Nick Faldo in 89 and 90
Facebook: Mike Matosziuk (1st), Adarsh Vakharia, Linda Mikoloski Kudzmas, Tim Arnold, Chance Chance Proverbs

Congrats to Myaspappa (twitter) and Tim Arnold (Facebook) for winning the trivia contests this week with scores of 11 and 56, respectively. Remember you get 5 points for having the first correct answer, but can also gain points just by having the correct answer! Weekly winners receive $10 gift certificates to

If I haven’t heard from you yet, why not come & play with me and the rest of the Rock Heads this week? Questions are posted between 2 and 4 pm EST on both Facebook and Twitter. To keep things fair, you can only win once per contest per month.

Also Tim Arnold took this weeks High score on my golfin’ game with a score of 8000! Since he won both the Trivia and the golfin’ game. I will give him an extra $5 for a total of $25. Congrats Tim!


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