Golfin’ In The DMZ

When golfers hear “Korea,” they often already know that South Korea has become a hotspot for golf. The country has an ever-growing list of pro golfers who were born there as well as an impressive roster of high-caliber courses. And while many of those courses may have a tricky hole or two, there’s one par 3 in particular that’s worthy of attention.

That’s because this 192-yard hole is surrounded on 3 sides by barbed wire and *gulp* land mines. It’s not every day you play a hole that has a “DANGER!! DO NOT RETRIEVE BALLS FROM THE ROUGH LIVE MINE FIELDS!” on the tee box. And they’re not kiddin’, either. There have been reports of a badly sliced ball causing an explosion.

As you may have guessed, the hole is actually on the border between North and South Korea, with soldiers from both sides actively patrolling the area. When you factor in the land mines, barbed wire, live ammunition & troops plus a putting surface made of Astroturf, this Caveman’s gotta figure that even the top Tour pros would have trouble concentrating on their putt!


PS: Check out these pictures!

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