3 Miles Down A Mountain? Just Hole #1 Here!

So last week this Caveman discussed the longest golf course in the world, but what about the longest hole? Turns out there’s a strange golf tourney that takes place in New Mexico every year that just might take the cake!

The Elfego Baca Shootout has only one hole, and the cup is just a bit outside the USGA’s regulation for diameter: it’s basically a 50’ pit. Now before you start thinkin’ you’d be pitchin’ it in from 100 yards out, you gotta know that the tee box isn’t your run-of-the-mill starting spot, either: The tee sits almost 2,550 ft up the side of a mountain, and about 3 miles from the green!

This ain’t your typical cart path & Bermuda grass kind of hole, either… you’re working with abandoned mine shafts, canyons, rattlers, maybe even a mountain lion or two! But it’s not all bad news, since you’re allowed to bring as many as 3 spotters to help track your shots, and you get to tee up on every shot.

The course record currently stands at 9 strokes, which when you think about it, is pretty amazing! So whatcha say Rock Heads, would you be game for a rough-and-rugged Elfego Baca Shootout sometime?


One thought on “3 Miles Down A Mountain? Just Hole #1 Here!

  • October 19, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    That is a very interesting approach. Up to 3 spotters is a great idea. It would be fun to pack the tent, a campfire dinner, a few cold ones and finish the second half of the hole in the morning.

    ***Reply From Scratch***
    Definitely would. The rules, however, state that if it takes you more than 20 minutes to locate your ball it counts as a stroke. But the tent and campfire would be well worth taking the hit.


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