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Hey there Rock Heads! Just wanted to get back with those of you who left requests the other day and let you know I appreciate your feedback! Now I can’t promise you’ll see everything you asked for, but just know that this Caveman won’t let ANY good deal get away, especially if it’s been requested by a Rock Head!

Jimbo was after the Holy Grail, a Scotty Cameron putter. That’s a tough one, and easily my most often requested item! Those bad boys are still tearin’ up the Tour and commanding top-dollar in all the pro shops, so I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you Jim!

Rob asked for Cobra irons, and let me tell you, you aren’t the only one after Cobra, either. Unfortunately some companies don’t like offering the kind of discounts that this Caveman asks for, so Cobra is pretty rare here at The Cave. Although I did have some Cobra woods just a few months ago, so never say never…

Bill Livingston must have missed out on those “Rock Bottom” prices I had on Taylor Made Itsy Bitsy Spider putters not too long ago! Sorry to say I sold out of those bad boys pretty darn quick, Bill, but I’ll try to get some back on the shelves ASAP!

Christian requested more Callaway I-Mix shafts… did you grab any of the heads or shafts I had over the summer? My Callaway inventory is down by about 40 items from my summer peak, but more gear should be on the site soon. Keep checkin’ back!

Michael, Slazenger was recently aquired not too long ago by a certain retail chain I won’t mention here (HINT: their name actually tells you what I think of ’em!). So, that brand probably won’t be making too many more appearances at The Cave, at least not for a while. Sorry!

Bob needs some new Ben Hogan sticks. No re-stock planned right now Bob, but I’m a big fan of Ben Hogan clubs so hopefully some more will be in before too long!

DAMO, I just added some Nike Slingshot Sand Wedges – will that do, or do you need the Sumo’s? Let me know and I’ll see what I can turn up if you don’t buy a Slingshot…

Golf components is what Mobile Gary is after… maybe we should talk about regrippin’ my set sometime! As it is, I just added a couple new shafts and will try to keep expanding my inventory here for you clubmakers!

Burnz, my man, how you been?! Sounds like you’ve got at least a couple golf bags to fill, so I’ll do my best to grab what I can off your wish list!

And last but not least, Jim N. chimed in with a pitch for some Mizuno wedges. I’ll see what bargains I can find for you Jim!

Once again, thanks to everyone who spoke up!


You can put a bug in my ear 24/7 with a message to me on Twitter, MySpace and FaceBook, too. My “Fan Of The Week” did just that – he’s after some Taylor Made r7 Irons and made his request using Twitter: @djdublee

One thought on “Request Line – RESPONSE

  • September 15, 2009 at 10:03 pm

    “Burnz, my man, how you been?! Sounds like you’ve got at least a couple golf bags to fill, so I’ll do my best to grab what I can off your wish list!” Scratch! I’ve got a whole room to fill. I call it my golf dungeon… Thanks for looking for the best deals, to fill the gaps.


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