3 Great Golfin’ Books

Between keepin’ tabs on things in The Cave and getting in a quick 18 as often as I can, there isn’t a whole lot of time in this Caveman’s schedule for being scholarly. But every now and then I like to pick up a paperback and thumb through a few pages. (Of course, my bookshelf doesn’t have much room for anything that isn’t golf related.)

So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite titles with you and see what you think I should add to my own little library.

Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book – This baby is still the gold standard of golf tip books. Less than 200 pages, but full of plain-spoken descriptions of techniques as well as amusing ancedotes from Mr. Penick’s years as a golf instructor.

Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella – Gets pretty down and dirty into the mental game. Worth a read, especially if you struggle to maintain your focus or get back in the groove after a bad shot (like I do).

David Pelz’s Short Game Bible – Takes a scientific approach to lowering your score, which means this book has page after page of pictures, charts, tests, and exercises for improving your short game. I can’t say I’ve tried everything he writes about, but I still use a lot of the stuff I did.

If you’re familiar with these titles, I’d love to hear if reading ’em helped you and how. I’m also looking for recommended reads from my Rock Heads – post your favorite titles in the comments section below!


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