Six Ways To Save More At The Golf Course

Summer is in full swing and hopefully so is your golf game! If you’re like me, you’ve already collected quite a few scorecards this year and maybe even seen a couple strokes come off your average score.

But as you know, this Caveman’s all about saving some cash. With the economy the way it is, every penny counts and it just doesn’t make much sense to save big on your gear by buying from Rock Bottom only to shell out serious dough at the course.

So here are a few tips to help you pay less & play more golf!

  1. Avoid the peak prices. Holiday and weekend rates can be as much as 30% higher than a weekday or evening rate. Plus paying more usually means waiting more, too, during those peak times. Call around or look at a few courses’ websites to find who offers twilight rates or will match a competitor’s rate.
  2. Skip the snack bar. Golf courses charge an arm and a leg for their food and drinks, so try to cut down or eliminate these purchases. Make sure you eat before you head out, bring a granola bar or a bottle of water with you, and always stop for a sip or two when you come across a course-provided water cooler.
  3. Invest in lessons. On the surface it might sound silly to save money by springing for lessons. But cutting down on lost balls as well as the frustration of a poor round can bring solid returns on your investment.
  4. Walk, don’t ride. Why pay for a golf cart when walking is better for your wallet AND your waistline? Even if you only walk once in a while, you’ll rack up some serious savings. Plus you’ll find you have more time to think about your next shot.
  5. Hit the range. Split the cost of one round into several trips to the driving range. Just like a lesson, focusing on the weaker parts of your game here for a dime or two a ball will let you get more swings in and save you some headaches the next time you’re on the course.
  6. Join the club. It’s a trade-off between variety and economy, but becoming a member at a near-by private or semi-private course can actually save you quite a bit of money. Be sure it’s a decent rack and that your schedule will allow you to play often enough to make it worth it. Some places might offer shorter terms, like a fall membership, or even a driving-range-only program. Again, make some calls or check online to find the best fit for you and go for it!

My Rock Heads sure know a good deal when they see one, so be sure to chime in with any other tips you have!


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One thought on “Six Ways To Save More At The Golf Course

  • June 29, 2009 at 8:21 am

    Maybe play 9 holes instead of 18 and save on $ and time.
    Be realistic about your ability and purchase the golf balls suitable to that ability which is not always the ball the pros play. You could save $209 per dozen.


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